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Should I Save Money on a DJ and Just Use Spotify For My Wedding?

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Many Brides and Grooms have a set budget and want to save money on their wedding. Entertainment seems to be the easiest way make to make some budget tweaks in their minds.

All you have to do is set up a tablet, create a few playlists that you and your finance love (hopefully your guests will like as well), rent quality speakers, speaker tripods, maybe some basic dance floor lights, and some wireless mics. ($300-$400 for gear rental) Then have Uncle Bob take requests and que up songs. Also... make announcements, introduce bridal party and the newlywed. Hopefully no technical issues will occur. That's it, right?

Now when hiring a professional DJ they know how & when to incorporate all your "must play" songs, make announcements clear and professional. Communicate with other vendors for a smooth flow. DJs hype the guests up and make the Grand Entrance special.

Using Spotify or another platform Uncle Bob has to play the whole song or if the song isn't working they have to fade out awkwardly and slam another Hail Mary song. DJs can transition out seamlessly into a better song via beat/key mixing, effects and keep the party pushing by reading the crowd. Uncle Bob doesn't really know what songs really work, when to play them or how long.

The "Top 200 Wedding Songs of 2022" isn't a great tool to use in the real world. DJs know what songs work, when to play them, and what part(s) of the song to play. Guests on the dance floor don't want to dance to a 4 min song everytime😴. Some sing-a-longs, slow dances and special songs certainly should be played all the way through.

Guests will always remember how GREAT or mediocre the entertainment was at the wedding. They most likely won't remember the bbq they ate or the flower arrangements a few months or even a year later. A great party experience will forever be remembered! So... is it worth the savings?

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