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Chris Cunningham, owner of Groove Foundation Event DJs, has been honoring his DJ skills for the past twenty years. Earlier in his career, he was a long-standing resident club DJ and live radio mixer over the years, and has handled every type of DJ event imaginable.

Chris first mastered the art of spinning vinyl records on a pair of Technics 1200 turntables, and has since incorporated the use of MIDI control systems as well as the use of the latest DJ mixing software into his performances. In addition to live DJing, he also enjoys producing the occasional mashup or remix and can be found on Soundcloud and Mixcloud.  
Chris takes time to develop and customize YOUR vision of the perfect wedding or event. Taking you and your guests on a musical journey and creating an amazing
atmosphere (with DMX programmed lighting) Chris pushes your event to it's peak potential. 

Chris is a live DJ artist.  He mixes songs on the fly for your event. Since no two parties are alike, Chris prepares the playlists from scratch every time. He uses a unique mind, state of the art equipment, and technology to make it all come together. 

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